SYDNEY FAMILY PHOTOGRAPHER | home sweet family home

I was both excited and humbled to be asked to capture this gorgeous Sydney family in their recent relaxed in-home lifestyle session. 

Yeah I'll admit, I had a few {excited} nerves the day I travelled to catch up with this busy family. It's not everyday a fellow photographer, who's own work, especially her filmography work, you totally admire and has you weak at the knees for, asks you to come hang out and document the essence of their day to day, in their home sweet home, right?   

Well the gorgeous and talented Courtney of  Courtney Holmes Photography did ask me. Eeeeeep! Her simple request, as a mumma who is always the shy one behind the camera "I would love some organic and honest images of me with each of the kids, and together, doing what we do...just cuddling, just reading, just playing, just being..."  

Of course I had nothing to be nervous about!!  Courtney and her wee tribe, welcomed me into their home with open arms. It took all of a few minutes for us all to kick off our shoes & ease into what was a fun, at times fast but overall, truly chilled session, that naturally unravelled. This little gang filled the home with their day to day of life and play. Stories and puzzles, squishes and squeezes, giggles and whispers and hair raising flying sheet games! Heck, they even erupted into a post lunch dance party!!! 

All in a days work, right Courtney!?  hehe

Thank you again my friend, for inviting me into your home sweet, family home. May the memories you created together and the moments I captured for you, forever remind you of the light and love you, Cooper and Lydia's mumma, shine daily into their beautiful days.